Who we are
We are a small bike company created by riders to cover riders needs.
As people who ride their bikes every day we know how much abuse bikes go through nowadays, thats why we offer you the best universal, easy to install frame protection.
Apart from the classic clear protection we have more than 25 designs to make sure you can find the right product that fits your style and your bike..

Because as they say: “look good, feel good”
DYEDbro started late 2015 in Madrid, where two friends, (one a profesional printer, the other a professional Mtb rider) Saw they could combine strengths to create a product that wasn’t really existing at the moment.
At that time the frame protection idea was just starting, and we saw that we could actually print on the materials that people were using to cover their bikes up to prevent them from scratching. This made our product not only functional, but added a new degree of customization to mountain bikes..

Where does “DYEDbro” come from?
#Doyouevendriftbro was a Hashtag introduced to us by MTB legend and photographer Gary Perkin. After a couple of very special days shooting in Chile Gary and Iago came up with a photo of a drift never seen before. The photo started to float around the internet with the hashtag and started to get a lot of attention. This lead up to the moment we had to choose a name for our brand, and it became pretty easy to choose it: Do you even drift bro. Which once shortened it became: DYEDbro..